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Attention DHS Athletic Booster Club supporters!

This season, gift giving, and holiday dinners just got a lot better!  Let us help you save while you help us!

With our newest fundraising initiative -- Dynamic Pay—you can earn up to 15% cashback on purchases at over 300+ national retailers.  Amazon, Sam’s Club, Safeway, Starbucks, Walmart, Dunkin’, and many more participate and so should you!

This mobile rewards program allows users to earn cash rebates and donate to the DHS Athletic Booster Club without spending a dime!   This means more money in your pocket!

We hope to raise over $5,000 this year to continue supporting our student-athletics at DHS.

Your annual contribution of $25 will help us kick-start this process. Spend $250 with your account in the first 30 days and $10 will be returned to your virtual wallet to use towards future purchases.  Go to the grocery store, hardware store, or go out to eat all while helping DHS.  It’s that easy!

Click the link below to give back and start saving today!

Please direct all questions to Steve Barber at


  • Boy's JV LAX
  • Allied Softball
  • Boy's Tennis
  • Boy's Varsity LAX
  • Coed Volleyball
  • Girl's JV LAX
  • Girl's JV Softball
  • Girl's Tennis
  • Girl's Track and Field
  • Girl's Varsity LAX
  • Boy's JV Baseball
  • Girl's Varsity Softball
  • Boy's Varsity Softball
  • Bocce Ball
  • Swm & Dive
  • Ice Hockey
  • Varsity Cheer
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Damascus High School Athletic Booster Club

The Damascus High School Athletic Boosters is a non-profit organization comprised of dedicated parents, guardians, alumni, coaches, school administrators, and community members.

The Athletic Boosters supports all teams and athletes at Damascus High School by providing team budget augmentation, participation scholar athlete certificates, and scholarships to outstanding student athletes. Our booster club is proud to announce a few of our biggest and exciting contributions and accomplishments; a Nautilus pulley trainer system for weight room, game time radio system, hudl account to all athletes and coaches. You can find the full Booster Club expenditures list under the "About Us" tab.

These items would not be possible to acquire without the support from our membership dues, fundraisers and corporate sponsors. This year we decided to develop a newsletter to better inform you of what’s going on in the sports world of Damascus. The newsletter will be available at the beginning of every season.